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作者:AG捕鱼 2021-04-29 0


Grinding is an important processing method in ultra precision machining, its advantages are high precision and wide range of processing materials. But traditional grinding has some disadvantages such as low efficiency, high processing cost, unstable machining precision and processing quality, which makes the traditional grinding application limited. This project solves most of the shortcomings of traditional grinding, improves the level of grinding technology, while ensuring the grinding accuracy and processing quality (reaching nanometer level), it also significantly reduces the processing cost, improves the processing efficiency, makes the grinding technology more practical, and is conducive to the popularization and application of grinding technology, and promotes the precision machining technology in China The progress of advanced manufacturing technology and the enhancement of China's competitive power in the field of processing and manufacturing, especially for revitalization of the northeast old industrial base have very important practical significance.

The new technology grinding machine developed by the project team, namely, a new high-speed grinder. Because of its advanced performance, the relevant grinding machine prototype has been applied in more than ten domestic units, and it has been exported to Australia twice, which has been widely praised by domestic and foreign users. This technology is only used in the processing of individual parts, and it is not widely used. It should also further improve the processing technology, optimize the grinding process parameter