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Talent recruitment

Job title: network engineering and e-commerce

Salary: face to face

Working experience: Unlimited

Education requirements: Junior College

Recruitment: 3

Release time: June 25, 2019

Job description

1. Familiar with SEO Search Engine Optimization and website architecture

2. Managed or opened tmall store and Taobao store

3. Familiar with database SQL language, and experience in ERP system maintenance

4. Familiar with C #, PHP, JavaScript is preferred

5. Team spirit is needed

Due to the development needs of the company, we have set up an e-commerce team. We are looking for talents from all walks of life. If you are interested, please call Mr. Zeng to prepare for the opportunity!

The company has beautiful office environment, rich spare time life, regular or irregular large, medium and small entertainment activities and meals.

The company uses the assessment mechanism of "the capable go up, the mediocre go down, and the idle abdicate"; Create a fair, just and unified humanized management mode!

The company needs such people to join us: people who are rigorous and pragmatic, down-to-earth, have strong self-discipline, have the same dream, believe in the future, look forward to the future, work together, win-win year of the monkey, create a total of articles, common prosperity and common development.