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What is the reason for the soaring price of solder wire--- Lvzhidao

作者:Lvzhidao solder factory 2021-02-26 0

The recent sharp rise in the price of solder is due to the rapid rise in the cost of raw materials since 2021, which has led to the rise in the company's production costs. Let's take you to understand the reasons for the rise in the price of solder.

After the Spring Festival, the price of tin soared, and the domestic tin price has now exceeded 19W, which is the highest price since it was listed.

This time, the price rise is basically driven by the external market and the internal market. Basically, the continuous sharp rise of tin price is mainly due to the following points:

1. The epidemic situation of last year and the unstable political situation in Myanmar this year have resulted in the shortage of global tin supply.

2. In terms of inventory, LME's inventory decreased from 2105 tons at the end of last year to 1385 tons, a decrease of 720 tons compared with the previous year. The low level of LME inventory has aroused the market's attention to tin. It is found that there is a strong contradiction between supply and demand in the fundamentals, and it is difficult to solve this problem in the short term under the current environment, and then the tin price began to rise rapidly.

3. Nearly half of the domestic delivery brand smelters stop production for maintenance during the Spring Festival, and nearly 80% of the non delivery brands stop production. Domestic supply may return to the normal level after the Lantern Festival. Because of the government's "local new year" policy, the downstream processing plants of tin industry generally started earlier than the supply side.

From the foreign traders' spot quotation, the spot quotation promotion level is generally 3000 US dollars / ton according to different regions, and it once reached a high of 5000 US dollars / ton during the Spring Festival. However, such a considerable amount of water has only attracted about 500 tons of delivery volume in Malaysia's port of Klang. Several smelters close to the delivery warehouse have not taken any action, and the warehouses in the United States and the Netherlands, where the inventory has remained low, have also maintained an inventory of less than 100 tons for nearly a month. Overseas high water and low inventory can also reflect the increase of overseas demand.

During the Spring Festival, a large number of commodity prices generally began to rise, among which the prices of tin and copper reached the highest level in nearly eight years. The US Federal Reserve once released the easing signal, and foreign countries started inflation and recovery expectations, coupled with the gradual increase of foreign vaccination rate. Strong fundamentals superimposed Pro cyclical opening, tin price rising momentum to determine.

[data information of this article is from Shanghai Nonferrous Metals net]