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Is solder toxic? Will it do harm to human body? How to prevent it?

作者:Lvzhidao solder factory 2021-05-17 0

Is solder toxic? Is it lead poisoning?

In fact, it depends on whether there is lead solder wire or lead-free solder wire used in the work. It needs to check blood lead regularly. If there is no excess, there will be no problem.

Is solder toxic?

Normally speaking, if the protection and raw materials are purchased according to national standards, solder will not cause significant harm. Now, lead-free products are basically used.

Lead metal may produce lead compounds, all classified as dangerous substances, in human body lead will affect the central nervous system and kidney, lead on some biological environmental toxicity has been widely confirmed.

Blood lead concentration up to 10 μ If exposed for a long time, the blood lead concentration will exceed 60-70 μ G/dl can cause clinical lead poisoning.

Lead must be toxic, first don't worry about his big, that is, general metal, more will also be poisoned.

It is better to wear masks when working, but it will have an impact. Lead free solder wire, will be more safe than lead.

Is lead-free solder toxic?

Tin and lead alloy, commonly used solder, has good conductivity and low melting point, which has been used in welding process for a long time. The toxicity of solder mainly comes from lead, and lead smoke produced by solder is easy to lead poisoning.

In short: solder, containing about 60% lead, 40% tin, so solder itself is toxic. In addition, when the flux in the solder wire meets the high temperature electric soldering iron, the gasification will occur and smoke will be formed. Because the solder wire additives contain rosin and chemical raw materials, long-term inhalation of this smoke will have adverse effects on human body. The main hazard factor in welding is lead smoke, even lead-free solder, and many of them contain certain lead.

The limit value of lead smoke in national occupational health standard gbz2-2002 is very low, and it is very toxic. It needs to be protected and will damage human body and environment. Employees can usually see what the tin is assigned and which type of tin is, so that it can be checked and required to be rectified by the enterprise (opinions can be given to the internal trade union of the factory). If the tin is lead-containing, it must be harmful to the body for a long time. They accumulate in the body and damage the immune system greatly. Lead free solder wire is environmentally friendly, but it is harmful to human body. The lead content of lead-free solder wire is not without lead, but compared with the lead-containing solder wire, the influence of lead-free solder wire on environment and human body is smaller than that of lead-containing solder wire.

How to prevent the toxic of soldering tin wire of electric soldering iron?

First, PCB factory uses RoHS tin wire as much as possible when welding components with electric soldering iron, and precautions shall be done:

1. Gloves, masks or gas masks shall be worn during work;

2. Pay attention to ventilation in the workplace;

3. Pay attention to cleaning after work;