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Solder bar

Solder bar Sn55Pb45

Product parameters

☆ good fluidity and wettability< br> ☆ excellent antioxidant, less tin slag< br> ☆ appropriate additives to change the crystalline junction of solder joint Structure, reduce internal stress and resist whisker growth< br> ☆ excellent welding performance, few pull points and bridging;

Scope of application

This product is applicable to the tin spraying operation system on the surface of PCB, and is widely applicable to the wave soldering operation of automatic lead-free soldering furnace.

Lvzhidao brand tin bar adopts high-purity metal raw materials, and effectively controls the content of metal oxides and non-metallic impurities under strict quality control. The produced tin bar has uniform and smooth surface, high purity, fast melting, good fluidity, excellent wetting performance, full and bright solder joints and few oxide slag. It is suitable for all kinds of wave soldering and manual soldering with high quality requirements. Our company continuously develops and can provide a variety of alloy proportions and types of lead-free tin bars for you to choose from.