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Solder paste

Solder paste Sn55Pb45

Product parameters

★Loose reflow process window
★Excellent wetting and tin eating ability
★Low bubble and void ratio
★The adhesive force can be maintained for a long time
★Transparent residue

Scope of application

Suitable for SMT industry PCB surface resistance, capacitance, IC and other electronic components welding

The advantages of the product are as follows:

1. Printing rolling and forming, as low as 0.3mm spacing pad can also complete exquisite printing;

2. During continuous printing, the viscosity changes little, and the steel mesh has a long operational life. It will not dry after more than 8 hours, and still keeps good     printing effect;

3. After several hours of printing, the original shape is still kept, basically no collapse, and the chip components will not be offset; 

4. It has excellent weldability and can show proper wettability in different parts; 

5. It can adapt to the requirements of different grades of welding equipment. It does not need to complete welding in nitrogen charging environment, and it can still perform good welding performance in a wide range of reflow furnace temperature;

6. After welding, the residue is very little, the color is very light, and the insulation resistance is high, which will not corrode the PCB, and can meet the requirements of free washing; 

7. It has better ICT test performance and will not produce misjudgment; 

8. It can be used for paste in hole process.