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Solder wire

Solder wire Sn33Pb67

Product parameters

◆ good weldability and short wetting time < br > ◆ less rosin splash during brazing < br > ◆ rosin in the line is evenly distributed and has good continuity < br > ◆ no bad smell, less smoke, no harmful gas < br >

Scope of application

It is suitable for tin plating of wires and cables, sintering of circuit substrates, tin lining of components, wave soldering of components and manual soldering of components.

Lvzhidao lead-free solder wire completely passed SGS test.

In the dust-free and environment-friendly special workshop, high-purity environment-friendly tin ingot, unique flux formula and strict implementation of ISO quality management system are adopted,

The German direct reading spectrometer was introduced to control the quality and produce lead-free solder wire in line with ROHS standard.

★ made of pure tin, with good wettability, conductivity and thermal conductivity.

★ the flux is moderate and does not splash during welding. It can be customized by customers.

★ the winding is neat without knotting, easy to weld and high efficiency.

★ environment friendly lead-free tin wire meets ROHS standard and SGS certification